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She Makes me MAD!!!

Published by Arie under on 4:41:00 AM
I haven't had a clue yet why should all this thing happen.. Seriously I didn't plan anything to ditch her but something had to be done. 

 I don't know how many times did I need to say to her that I love her but she just don't get it. All she wants is for me to be always there for her. Hey come on la. Mane ade orang bleh bersame2 orang tu sepanjang masa. We talk about this every time we are on the phone. But like I tell you she still don't understand. I am a guy with freedom. I want to be free. Is not like I don't want her, it's more like I to have my time for her, and some other with my friends, family and myself. 

To add bitter pain to this story, she kept lever with timber that makes me feel a little bit annoyed by her action. I never ask her for that, but she keep pushing to give the things to me. I said to her I will returned it when I'm stable. But you know women is who never kept her promise actually. They usually said that we men who always break the promise make to her but they never tell when their race do the same thing. It make men looks like a fucking idiot. 

For just how long it will survive is as I expecting. She said she understand my condition, she said just go on, she said live your life. But then when I try to live my life she did this to me. What kind of slimy is that? Argh!! Why? 

I said to her every time we speak, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you .. But all that she ever listen to is what I'm saying about my life in University, how I make her feel sorry for me, when did I ever make her feel sorry for me? I never ask that, I never ask her anything..

I thought what I feel is love but... Bullshit la this whole love thinging.. Enough is enough.. I better off single with a lot of woman by my side rather than just one woman who makes my life go beyond my imagination. I'm going mad because of her.

But thanks to her I realise that I'm not capable enough to carry the weight to become someones serious boyfie a.k.a GPD (Girls Puppy Dog)..