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Syawal Fakhri Muhammad

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Hello Hello NEW FACEBOOK.. Well Well see who gonna add me...

Nut Cracker

Published by Arie under on 9:38:00 AM
Alamak assignment x siap lagi nih.. Macam mane nih.. Lantak la,, Suh dorang jela buat.. sok macam malas nak masuk kelas.. hahaha.. balik dr alor star sok pagi terus benti spg 4 tido kat umah.. malam ade test so terpakse la..... HUHUHU... But then SELASA cuti.. yeay xtau nak g mana da.. hahahaha.. Entah la.. Unimap OH Unimap.. I heart UNIMAP.. :-)

So Bored with this TiTLE!!

Published by Arie under on 10:54:00 PM
Hahaha.. So fed up with the title but I really enjoying the place which I always hang out during over night break.. Alor Star the third time.. Today at 10.25 am Kak Ngoh, MEK n Me depart from Simpang 4 to Kangar. Then at 12 noon we took the bus to Alor Star.. Arrive at 1.10pm well this time the bus went straight to shahab perdana. Kak Ngoh the CAB QUEEN took the Cab and us to Star Parade Shopping Center (Pacific).. Kak Ngoh wants to buy a net-book but it is not her lucky day to buy it at Star Parade so we went to The Sentosa Plaza.. There Kak Ngoh fell in love with DELL Inspiron Net-book.. She bought it immediately and choose pink as its cover.. Nothing much to say but the first time ever I travel from one shopping Complex to another in the same day.. Hahaha..

Futsal Fever Coming Back..

Published by Arie under on 4:58:00 PM
Hrmm.. where to start?? Ok, let start with my current activities. Well today nothing much happen just me went to the library, watch my first Korean movie and that's it..  But last night or yesterday is a blast.. Okay lets start with when I wake up (actually it is not wake up I don't sleep that night, just to inform it is morning already) after my tired night studying Marketing, Management and Introductions to Business. Well went to my class and answer some quizzes and then wallah went back to Simpang Empat. Jumaat prayer and then went to class again. Luckily the quiz for management is cancel. (Great!!) Then back to Simpang Empat once again. Went to Bazaar and buy CHAR KUAY TEAW with Asam Kasturi drink. After breaking fast went back to class for the MID TERM TEST for MARKETING! My mind melted that night and my brain has stopped working!! S**T man.. hahahaha.. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying my LIFE..

Yeah!! Last night for the first time I played Futsal in PERLIS!! Well the place got 8 fields. Some is grassy field and some of it just cement floor. Well my team (ha? My Team?) consist of 6 person.. The name that I remember Jai, Zak, Anip, Azu, Din and the sixth is me.. Hrmm.. Enjoy playing with them. And it is worthed paying only RM5 for 9 games. 

Well our team result is like this:
First Match: Win
Second Match: Lose
Third Match: Win
Fourth Match: Win
Fifth Match: Win
Sixth Match: Lose
Seventh Match: Win
Eighth Match: Win
Ninth Match: Win

So that is the result for yesterday..
Off now got to go.. 
Write again later..


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Even though I already know how to edit picture using PHOTOSHOP
and GIMP, but this for me is a new beginning for photo editing..
Well it is a web that allows you to edit your picture..
The first picture at top is the first picture that I edited..
Here are the others that I edited..

Pizza Hut Bahau (Matriculation)

Street Zero City Plaza Alor Star (University)

Blue Lagoon Port Dickson (Work)

Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall Bandar Hilir (Hometown)

Angels And Airwaves

Published by Arie under on 4:39:00 PM

Angels And Airwaves
Thanks to Mr Jawe I knew this band
Well the song is simple,
the music is a style and simply good for your hearing,
You'll enjoy it when the first time you heard it,
The best of all, this band does have amazing vocalist,
If I knew how to play guitar for sure I'll play their song,
To good to be true this band is the best I've ever heard,
for this time being I think.
So head on to their website to know better about them..
As I'm saying reserve the better..

Just Pictures

Published by Arie under on 2:21:00 PM
Miss you..

I Miss You

Published by Arie under on 1:48:00 PM
It is a lie when I said after a few week I left Damansara's life i didn't miss someone.. Well I do miss someone, someone that make me happy, someone who treat me well, someone who cares, someone who everything.. She that must not tell the name is the person who i miss the most after I left Damansara, I think the second after my MOM of course. Well for me she is the kind of person who knew me better than others.. She knew how to comfort me.. Well that's what she meant to me... After I left Damansara that day, I forgot to say goodbye to her.. I really regret that.. What a fool.. Nonetheless I'm also missing my friends at McDonald Aman Puri Drive Thru'.. Well just to state their names..

Abg Zerul@MatSalehCelup, 
Kak Tika@Alice(Twilight),
Akmal@Atok tua, 
Dolah@Atok Baru abbrev. AB, 
Melmon@Adek Jeffri, 
Jeffri@Biawak Tua, 
Syahmi@Abg Aman, 
Syamil@Adek Pejal,
Rohana@skandal guer,
Abg Nuar@ Abg shortie :-),
Zizan@Dak Sekolah,
Hafrizz@prefer known in facebook as Adam Areff,
Apis@Jawe Ranger,
Kak Wa@Toilet Freezer,
Kak Ema@first person i knew,
Krooll@Bulan Belon,
Olivia@ Didi,
Vanessa@Baby V,
Pali sorry pali lambat skit igt name ko...

Really missing you guys very much..

Bila rindu ku perhatikan pemandangan indah dihadapan kediamanku, semuanya hijau..

Fasting Month is the MONTH to realise..

Published by Arie under on 4:47:00 PM
Well lets get started, fasting is compulsory to all Muslim. 
We need to fast in the month of Ramadhan. 
Normally when Ramadhan arrive we will start to look forward to the shop/stall open nearby that is the bazaar Ramadhan. Well here in SIMPANG EMPAT, Perlis there is a Bazaar Ramadhan also,
 but here the food is not much choice like that were in Malacca or something. 
Because the food were basically the Chicken Rice, "ayam percik", "Murtabak", and "kuih Muih". 
There is no such thing as Nasi Kerabu, or Nasi Padang here. 
Nonetheless you'll find out that it is harder to find fried noodle or fried bihun here. 
But because this is the month of Ramadhan, The Month of great goodness I will always thank god for what I had for me breaking my "fast".
 If you want to feel the way I feel about bazaar Ramadhan here in SPG 4, why not you come and see for yourself..

Suit yourself.. Always be thankful to god!!

It's my birthday, i'm really wanna get with u..

Published by Arie under on 10:45:00 AM
Well, last night i got a lot of bufday wishes,
thanz to all of you who wish me,
for my birthday,
I really appreciate that,
Well forgot to write last night,
Here is the story,
After I wrote the previous post,
I went outside of City Plaza,
I met with two my friends earlier, 
Abe J and Abe K..
We have our lunch there,
Later after the lunch we headed back to Pekan Rabu,
And we took CityLINER bus to Shahab Perdana,
Alor Star main bus Station,
Then, we departed back to Kangar using the same bus,
arrived at Kangar around 6pm,
Then I split with them,
they wanted to go back,
and I'm heading to The Store to meet My COUSIN :Dek Wan
At 9pm Dek Wan arrived after I've my dinner at Kangar 24Hours KFC
Then we go up to the third floor of Kayangan Square,
Bowling again??
Something like that la.. (^_^)
Wow, my little cousin plays better than me last night,
maybe because I'm to tired,
We played 2 games, 
My cousin wins one, Me wins one.. :-)
but the mark for winning
Dek Wan win 102:97
Me win 98:97...
*sikit gile aku nye point..
then we went to expo (Pesta Konvo UniMAP)
at Dataran Dato Syeikh Ahmad,
Then at 10.45pm we went home to my uncle house again.. hehehe
Then open my face book... wow,
birthday wishes.. 
Tanz guys..

Abe k.. hehehe.. konyang porut

Gedebe.. hahaha

Abe J ngantuk..

Plaza Sentosa Alor Star

Dek Wan



House Mate Kak Ngah

Faizal AF4  *xkenal pon faizal ni tp da dak ni nak amek gambo ku amek la.. hehehe

Kak NGAH & Mek Akma

Kak Ngah, Mek, Ntah 1, Ntah 2, Kak Lang

Anak Buah

Real Steep (Alor Star Again)

Published by Arie under on 3:49:00 PM
Last night, me and my uncle family (PAK LANG)
enjoy a nice view of Kuala Perlis, 
We went there at 9 and go back at 12 midnight,
Well i have to admit that i really like the place,
A lot of people hang out there,
Young, Old, Couple, Lesbian, Gay, Family,
There are many type of people,
I enjoy my self to watch someone make out in the car,
But i'll never took picture like that,
After being tired hang out there for about 3 hours,
We went to a stall at the beach,
Nice scenery,
Nice place,
And real expensive,
Then we went back,
I'm really tired 
And when i got home I just doosh into bed and slept like a dead cows,
I wake this morning at 8.45 am,
I depart back to my "KOLEJ KEDIAMAN" at 9.00am
I go get myself ready to go to Alor Star,
My friends abe j and abe k already in their attire when i got back,
we later have our breakfast at a Malay Stall,
Roti Canai with Sweet Curry,
We waited for the bus to depart at least 1 hour and 30 minutes,
We arrive at Kangar at 11.04am,
The Bus to Alor Star is at 11.30,
So we wait again for the bus,
At 11.26am the bus arrived ,
we took the bus and ready to breath Alor Star Air.. :-)
Then about 1 hour and 15 minutes,
we reached Pekan Rabu,
We walked to City Plaza,
And Abe K is the 1st person to spend his money,
He bought a jacket,
Then we when to the fifth floor and play bowling,
Well as usual I am the best player for today.. :-P
Then Abe J started to spend his money buying shoes and PSP games
And Now here I'm writing this post at the McDonald's City Plaza
using My LENOVO laptop.. Got to go bye everyone..
Me and Kuala Perlis
I'll wrote to you all later..

Kuala Perlis at Night

Resident Evil:Afterlife in 3D


Abe Jea

Mr Winner  :p

The Score.. Jauh nye beze ngn bawah sekali tu.. 

Dek Wan Sepupu aku

Street Zero

Great Morning

Published by Arie under on 11:28:00 AM
Hey you.. Guess what? I woke up late today... But at least I manage to enter my class on time.. Well what an explicit day today... Picture Picture Picture.. I've took some of the picture in my class...


Published by Arie under on 12:13:00 AM
Damn!! I really hate it when the blame is put on me.. Why? Do you think that you always better than me? So what if you are so good enough why don't you enter the Harvard University? Why did you have to study in Malaysia? Do you really think you are capable with everything?! The best answer is you not! You awful bitch!! *How about that for a drama script? Thanz to Miss Rabiah Adawiyah, Miss Fathiah and Miss Asyura Aznizam for giving me chance to generate my idea on a drama script.. Lurve you girls very strong... Hahahahaha..*
Mek Kelate Tia.. Hehehe *Rajin lipat Lab Coat.. Xsaba nak kuar kelas*

Adaw masa rajin.. Hahaha.. *Copy paste report*

Syura bajet malu kunun *weyh aku xjumpe pon balak ko lagi kat cni*